Digital Multimeters VOAC7502

Equipped with a new display that makes further use of the judgment function
  • 5 ½ -digit display
  • High-resolution 4.3-inch (109mm) LCD monitor
  • Achieves up to 30k sampling/s

Easy-to-read large screen

High-resolution LCD monitor 4.3-inch 109mm

Uses a high-resolution liquid crystal display made in Japan. It is bright and has a wide viewing angle, and you can appreciate how good it is the more you use it. You can choose from two types of numeric fonts, normal (Gothic) and seven segments. In addition, you can select the background color from two modes (white or black).

Realization of various analytical display combinations without using a PC

The primary display has multiple displays, such as numerical displays, trend charts, histogram charts, and arc scale meters. For each primary display, there are also many secondary displays, so various screen combinations can be selected according to measurement needs.

A new display that makes further use of the judgment function

The large display has been made easier to see.

You can also see the display from a long distance. The device is popular because adjustment work is easy and quick.

Unique needle display. Analog changes are simulated in digital.

In addition to being useful for judging approximations, it can be used in a variety of ways in conjunction with the judgment function.
The color of the needle changes when the judgment criterion is exceeded.

Easy to use

Quick Launch

The measurement can be started immediately by setting the setup information when the power is turned on.

Large capacity 100k readings logging memory

With the large memory, you can retrieve more than 24 hours of 1-second data with a timestamp.
It is also always logging, so you will not forget to save data.