Overview Performance Options

Universal Counter SC-7205A

Easy operations with single key strokes for each action.
High cost-performance counter with three different variations!

The universal counter SC-7205A features frequency, cycle, time interval, pulse width, phase, frequency ratio, duty ratio, cumulative count, and peak voltage measurements for easy, versatile measurement. As a basic piece of measurement equipment for development work and technical education, they are also ideal for introduction to production and inspection lines.

  • Easy operations with single key strokes for each action.
  • Easy to see fluorescent display tube. Detailed information is shown on a 5 × 7-dot display.
    * The full spelling display guide strongly supports operations.
  • Auto-trigger function that does not require setting the trigger level. Manual settings are also possible.
  • Comparator and statistical operation function make it easy to improve the efficiency of line inspection work.
  • Unit conversion (rpm, speed, etc.) is possible using the scaling operation function.
  • It is easy to check the waveform amplitude by measuring the peak voltage of the input signal.
  • Streamline routine inspection work by saving/recalling panel setup.
  • RS-232 interface for full remote control
    200 data/sec real-time transfer possible
    * GPIB interface SC-701 (factory option)
  • Highly expandable options
    Comparator output with digital I/O (SC-702). External trigger input.
    * A generous output of 150mA and 50V that can be used as it is for line monitoring equipment.

Measurement function (selection guide)

Measurement function Gate Equipped model
Internal EXT-B MANUAL SGL SC-7207H SC-7206H SC-7205A
FREQ-A Frequency ×
FREQ-B Frequency × × ×
FREQ-LINE Frequency × × × ×
FREQ-C Frequency × × ×
PERI-A Period ×
DUTY-A Duty × ×
P.W-A Pulse width × ×
TOT-A Addition counting ×
T.INT A-B Interval × × ×
FREQ A/B Frequency ratio × × × ×
PHAS A-B Phase × × ×
Peak voltage A
Peak voltage B ×

○… Selectable × … Disabled △… Disabled for 1ms, 10ms