Wide Range Thermostatic Chamber Scanner

Temperature setting range -55ºC to +180ºC, compliant with automotive parts standard AEC-Q200 Grade 0

Detailed information

SY-330Wide Range Thermostatic Chamber Scanner
Evaluation of magnetic temperature characteristics of the sample

SY-810Automatic measurement by (software) is possible
Temperature setting range-55ºC~+180ºC
Number of measurement samples: 4

Wide Range Thermostatic Chamber Scanner System

SY-516 Pusher
Jig for pressing SY-515 contactor

SY-515 sample stage
SY-330 sample mounting table

SY-912 chamber cable
Connection cable between wide range thermostatic chamber scanner SY-330 and B-H analyzer SY-8218/8219.

Thermostatic chamber scanner system/turntable

Fully automatic measurement with temperature range -30ºC to +150ºC, maximum 41 samples

Detailed information

SY-320A/321AThermostatic Chamber Scanner System
Evaluation of magnetic temperature characteristics of the sample

SY-810Automatic measurement by (software) is possible
Temperature setting range-30ºC~150ºC
Number of measurement samples: 20: SY-320A
Number of measurement samples: 41: SY-321A

* This is a type 1 specific product under the Act on the Rational Use and Proper Management of Fluorocarbons (Fluorocarbon Emission Control Act).

Thermostatic Chamber Scanner System

SY-510 / 511
Automatically measure multiple samples
20 pcs: SY-510 (1 attached as standard to SY-320A)
41 pcs: SY-511 (1 attached as standard to SY-321A)


Replacement contactor
For SY-320A/321A

Replacement contactor

Connection cable between thermostatic chamber scanner and B-H analyzer SY-8218/8219.
(1 attached as standard to SY-320A/SY-321A)


DC Bias Tester

Easy and accurate automatic measurement of DC bias characteristics such as power inductors

Detailed information

SY-960 / 961 / 962
Maximum DC bias:30A
Maximum ripple:±6A
Measurement frequency (sine wave):10kHz~3MHz
Measurement frequency (square wave):10kHz~1MHz

DC bias tester

Compact Single-Plate Magnetic Measurement Device

Easy and accurate fully-automatic measurement of the shape of single plates such as electromagnetic steel plates

Detailed information

Ideal for magnetic measurement of single plate shapes such as electromagnetic steel plates

  • Broadband measurement frequency:10Hz ~ 20kHz

  • Maximum applied magnetic field (intensity):10,000 A/m

  • Sample size: Supports small piece single board sample measurement
    35mm or less in width, 36mm or more in length, 3mm or less in thickness

  • High accuracy core loss measurement with new method

  • Joint patent application with Professor Toshihisa Shimizu, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Compact Single-plate Magnetic Measurement Device

Dedicated power amplifier

High frequency and high power

Detailed information


Dedicated Amplifier for B-H Analyzer

DC ~ 10MHz, ±1A Peak, ±71V Peak, 50VA

Power AmplifierHSA4101-IW

DC ~ 3MHz, ±6A Peak, ±150V Peak

DC ~ 3MHz, ±6A Peak, ±75V Peak

OSC cable
OSC cable to connect IE-1125B and B-H analyzer main unit


Detailed information

Remote control software

(Includes SY-509 and Bulkhead Adapter)
* A separate USB-compatible GPIB controller from National Instruments is required to connect to the PC.
Software for PC

Continuous measurement function
Measurement is performed at an interval of about 60 [sec] up to a maximum of 99999 [min] (= about 70 [days]).
(Main unit function addition software)


Empty toroidal coreSY-513
Empty case with toroidal shape. Ideal for measuring powder samples.

SY-513Application example

AC couple module

A filter that removes AC components and DC offsets of 10kHz or less.
(1 attached as standard to each B-H analyzer)

LF AC coupler

The lower limit frequency of the AC coupler that comes as standard with the main unit is 10kHz, but by using SY-514,
the lower limit frequency can be reduced to 300Hz.
SY-514Supplied cable
  • Lower limit frequency: Approx. 300 Hz

  • Maximum input voltage:±200V

  • Maximum input current::±6A

  • Accessory: BNC cable(0.6m)

LF AC couplerSY-514

USB-GPIBConversion adapter

USB-GPIB converter for sleeves that connect to the B-H analyzer SY-8218/8219 when using the remote controller software SY-810.
(Standard with SY-810)


NI-GPIB-USB-HS(HI-Speed USB compatible)
USB-GPIB converter for a controller that connects to a PC when using the remote controller software SY-810.

Bulkhead adapter

GPIB (female)←→ GPIB (female)
Adapter that connects the USB-GPIB converter SY-509 and the NI-GPIB-USB-HS when controlling only the B-H analyzer SY-8218/8219 with the remote-control software SY-810 without using the thermostat scanner system SY-320A/321A.
(Standard with SY-810)

Trolley for measurement equipment

Detailed information

Trolley for measurement equipmentMT-600L

 [Main equipment]
  • Sliding table
  • Carrying case (drawer)
  • Four-wheel casters with lock function
  • Measurement equipment fixing belt
  • Maximum loading weight:100kg
  • Height: Approx. 850mm
  • Load bed: 590W x 775D (mm) Fixed horizontally
  • Weight: Approx. 36kg
Trolley for measurement equipmentMT-600L