Semiconductor Curve Tracer CS-3000 Series

Ideal for measuring the characteristics of various semiconductors such as IGBTs, MOSFETs, transistors, and diodes, etc.
  • Maximum peak voltage 3,000V (high voltage mode)
  • Maximum peak current 1,000A (CS-3300 high current mode)
  • All models equipped with LEAKAGE mode (1pA cursor resolution)
  • USB port to save screen data and setup data
  • Equipped with LAN interface for remote control
CS-3100, CS-3200, CS-3300

Easy-to-understand measurement screen

Graphical configuration screen

Configuration screen

Transistor V-I characteristic example (Trace mode)

Example of V-I characteristics of transistor (TRACE mode)

Vbe and Ic waveforms in the large current pulse mode (Wave mode)

Vbe/lc waveform in high current pulse mode (WAVE mode)

CS-3000 Series Specifications

Collector supply HV mode

Model CS-3000 Series common
Mode/polarityFull wave rectification/+-, DC/+-, LEAKAGE/+-, AC
Maximum peak voltage/current
Maximum peak voltage Maximum peak current (maximum peak pulse current *)
3kV 75mA(150mA*)
300V 750mA(1.5A*)


Maximum peak power 120mW / 1.2W / 120W/ 390W(Cannot be set when using the maximum peak voltage of 3kV)
Horizontal axis range 50mV~500V/div
  • * The maximum instantaneous current value that can be generated (varies depending on the target to be measured and conditions) measurement should be less than or equal to the maximum peak current value.

Collector supply HC mode (CS-3100 is not equipped with HC mode)

Model CS-3100 CS-3200 CS-3300
Mode/polarity Not equipped with HC mode Pulse/+-
Maximum peak voltage
Maximum peak current
Maximum peak power
Maximum peak voltage Maximum peak current/power
40V 400A / 4kW
40V 40A / 400W
Maximum peak voltage Maximum peak current/power
40V 1000A / 10kW
40V 400A / 4kW


40A / 400W
Pulse width Pulse width is variable at 50μs to 400μs (10μs resolution)
Measurement point The measurement point can be specified (10μ resolution)
Vertical axis range 100mA~50A/div 100mA~100A/div
Test fixture CS-301 CS-302
Loop correctionHardware Correction of floating capacitance between collector supply and ground
Software Pseudo-looping through software optimization
Step generator Offset Setting range
STEP AMPLITUDESetting -10x to +10x
STEP AMPLITUDE1% of setting
Current mode Range
Maximum current
Maximum voltage
50nA to 200mA per step, 21 steps 1-2-5 switching
10V or more
Voltage mode Range
Maximum current
Maximum voltage
50mV to 2V per step, 6 steps 1-2-5 switching
500mA~(~8V), 200mA~(~15V), 10mA~(~40V)
Step rate 2x 50Hz or 60Hz (1x in AC mode), pulse interval in HC mode
Pulse step Pulse width 50μs~400μs(10μs step)
When in HC mode, the pulse width is 100μs wide before and after the pulse of the collector supply
Number of steps 0~20Step
AUX output Range OFF, -40V~+40V(Variable in 100mV steps)
Vertical axis
(full scale 10div)
Collector current Range HV mode: 1μA/div to 2A/div, 20 steps 1-2-5 switching (HC mode is not included)
Accuracy 2% + 0.05 x VERT/div of readout
To this, add the loop correction error for the following maximum peak voltages
0.5μA(30V), 1μA(300V), 6μA(3kV), 12μA(5kV)
Specify at least 10% of the maximum peak voltage for 30V, 300V, and 3kV, and at least 30% for 5kV
Emitter current
Range 1nA/div~2mA/div,20 step 1-2-5 switching
(Collector supply mode is LEAKAGE)
Accuracy 2% + 0.05 x VERT/div + 1nA or less of readout
Horizontal axis
(full scale 10div)
Collector voltage Range HC mode: 50mV/div to 5V/div, 7 steps 1-2-5 switching (HV mode is not included)
Accuracy 2% + 0.05 x HORIZ/div or less of readout
Base/emitter voltage Range 50mV/div~5V/div,7 step 1-2-5 switching
Accuracy 2% + 0.05 x HORIZ/div or less of readout
Display Display 8.4-inch TFT LCD
Number of data points 1,000 points/trace (AC, full wave rectification)
20-1,000 points/trace (SWEEP mode)
Trace display Point interpolation display, dot display
Averaging OFF,2 to 255 times
Persistence OFF, SHORT, LONG,Infinite length
Save internal waveform(REF) 4-Panel
Cursor DOT Vert, Horiz, β or gm
fLINE Vert, Horiz, 1/grad, intercept
FREE Vert, Horiz, β or gm
WINDOW Vert, Horiz, β or gm in the WINDOW area
Data save/read Memory Setup: 256 pcs, REF: 4 screens
External memory USB1.1: Setup, waveform, screen hardcopy (BMP, TIFF, PNG)
Remote Equipped with remote 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX 1 port via LAN connection
Power supply CS-3xxx AC100-240V 50/60Hz,Maximum operating power:500VAStandby:7W Max
External dimensions(mm)
CS-3100 Approx. 424W x 220H x 555D (excluding protrusions and accessories), approx. 28kg (excluding accessories)
CS-3200,3300 Approx. 424W x 354H x 555D (excluding protrusions and accessories), approx. 43kg (excluding accessories)

Standard Accessories

CS-3100Standard Accessories
CS-301Fixture S



CS-500Test adapter

CS-501Mounted image
CS-3300 / CS-3200Standard Accessories
CS-302Fixture M
CS-500Test adapter
Removed patch panel
Wire set
Wire set
CS-500Test adapter
CS-500 This is a jig for connecting the part to be measured provided by the customer and the fixture. (Standard accessories)