Automates the switching of each chip and multiple devices, such as 6 in 1 (7 in 1) and 2 in 1 modules.
Control each relay unit with the semiconductor parameter measurement CS-810 (installed on the external PC) to automate the connection switching of the terminals.
By controlling the main unit, the relay unit, the thermostat tank, and the hot plate, the CS-810 can also automatically measure the temperature characteristics of each chip of 6 in 1 modules.
The relay unit can be connected in parallel. Up to 10 units (100ch) are possible.

Scanner System

Switch control module


It is an indispensable unit that collectively controls each unit from the semiconductor parameter measurement software CS-810 by connecting it with a PC by Ethernet.
One unit can control up to 8 units. By assigning an IP address, parallel operation using multiple units (up to 10 units) is also possible.

Relay unit

Relay Unit

Extension unit

Extension Unit