It can be combined with SG-4104/4105, DG-8000, and other signal generators to amplify up to 24Vp-p (at 50Ω) and 48Vp-p (open) outputs.


High output

When combined with a 48Vp-p (when the output end is open) and 24Vp-p (at 50Ω termination) commercial signal generator, the required voltage in each field can be easily obtained.

External AM modulation input function. Easily achieve PAM modulation

Simply adding a signal to the AM modulation input will add AM modulation to the main signal.
In addition, by using the offset function together, the DC component of the AM (pulse amplitude modulation) signal can be changed very easily. Traditionally, PAM has also been used in refrigerators and washing machines in the consumer electronics field, and further applications are expected in the future.

LO-Ω output mode

50Ω output and LO-Ω output can be switched. By using the LO-Ω output mode, even if current flows to the output load, if it is in the output current range, it is possible to supply a stable signal to the load while maintaining the voltage amplitude.

Broadband 1MHz

A maximum amplitude of 48Vp-p can be maintained while maintaining a band of 1MHz. It is very effective in the mechatronics field.


  • Signal source for driving Hall element sensors used in automobiles, etc.
  • Power supply for small signal semiconductor devices
  • Emulation of small batteries
  • Signal source for driving power devices (small motors, positioning motors, etc.)
  • Emulation signal for PAM control

PAM waveform generation example

The input of the SG-300 is a PWM signal (CH1) with a 20kHz cycle. Here, if the AM modulation input of the SG-300 is inputted with a 50Hz sine wave and the AM modulation is applied, a PAM signal with a modulation frequency of 50Hz is obtained.

SG-300 signal screen

SG-300 Specifications

Input characteristics
Number of channels 1
AMP input
Coupling DC
Impedance Approx. 1MΩ
Maximum voltage ±1.2Vpk (AMP)
±10Vpk (BYPASS)
Maximum allowable voltage ±10Vpk
Coupling DC
Impedance Approx. 1MΩ
Input voltage ±2Vpk(-2V: 0%, +2V: 100%)
Maximum allowable voltage ±10Vpk
Bandwidth 100kHz
Output characteristics
AMP output
When AM modulation is turned off
Gain 10x, non-inverted
Gain accuracy ≤1% (1kHz sine wave)
Gain flatness DC~10kHz 1%
DC~100kHz 3%
DC~1MHz 5%
Output impedance Approx. 50Ω/LowΩ switching
Maximum voltage 24Vp-p (50Ω load)
48Vp-p (no-load)
Vpk ≤0.3xRL (at LoΩ output, RLΩ load)
Maximum current DC or Peak 240mA(50Ω load)
DC or Peak 300mA continuous (LoΩ output)
* Operation of 300mA or more is not guaranteed.
Offset voltage ≤10mV (50Ω load)
Through rate ≧300V/us(50Ω load)
Total Harmonic Distortion ≤0.1% (1kHz sine wave)
Noise ≦10mVp-p
(Input 50Ω, 50Ω load, bandwidth 20MHz)
Sag ringing ≤5% (1kHz square wave, 50Ω load)
Full power bandwidth ≧1MHz(50Ω load, 24Vp-p output)
Rise/fall time ≦70ns
When AM modulation is turned on
Offset voltage ≦100mV(MOD OFST OFF)
Selectable range of the offset -10V~+10V(50Ω load, AM)
However, | Vpk | ≤12V (MOD OFST ON)
BYPASS output
Voltage ±10Vpk
Current ≦200mA
Bandwidth ≧15MHz(50Ω load)
Other features
Output On/Off Yes
I/O through Yes
External AM modulation input Yes
External offset input Yes (depends on the volume)
Remote control No
General Specifications
Supply voltage AC100V~240V ±10%
Power supply frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 70VA
Standby power 0.75W
Operating environment 0°C to 40°C, 80% R.H., no condensation
Storage environment -20ºC to +60ºC, 80% R.H., no condensation
Dimensions (mm) Approx. 210W x 99H x 352L
Weight Approx. 2.7kg