With a variety of unit combinations, it is ideal for next-generation semiconductor measurement, supporting characterization in all processes.

It is equipped with an SMU with a maximum voltage of 5kV and a maximum current of 2kA, has pulse output, gate pattern, and microcurrent measurement functions, and strongly supports design evaluation of wide-gap semiconductors such as SiC and GaN.
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Semiconductor Curve Tracer CS-8000 Series

CS-3000, 5000, 10000Series

Handle leakage current and high current in one unit. Automatic measurements are also possible

Measurement of characteristics of various semiconductors such as IGBTs, MOSFETs, transistors, diodes, etc. from small capacity to large capacity.

Semiconductor Curve Tracer CS-3000 Series

By automating the measurement with "Semiconductor Parameter Measurement Software CS-810," it is possible to record as evidence and make judgments.

Advantages of adoption

  1. Make accurate and reliable measurements according to the measurement procedure
  2. Measurement content is also saved as evidence
  3. Auto-judgment is also possible
  4. Control of optional products can also be automated (e.g. temperature control of hot plate)

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Advanced features for ease of use

The wiring status can be checked with graphics“CONFIGURATION”

You can avoid misconnections when measuring your device.

Screen image

Wave mode where the applied voltage and current can be confirmed by the waveform

  • You can specify the pulse width and measurement point (timing) while checking the waveform (current, voltage) applied to the device on the time axis like an oscilloscope.
  • By checking the waveform, you can determine the appropriate pulse width and measurement timing.
  • There are no waveform changes due to probing as with an oscilloscope, and abnormal signals can be checked.
  • It is easy to check for thermal abnormalities such as oscillation due to heat generation.
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Fully automated with high PC compatibility

With the remote control of the main unit, the software that enables various automatic measurements performs stress tests that were difficult with conventional curve tracers, and simultaneously controls hot plates and thermostatic chambers to fully automate the temperature characteristics of multiple elements.

Semiconductor Parameter Measurement CS-810 (Option

USB memory device

The image can be TIFF, BMP, or PNG, the background can be black or white, and color/monochrome can be selected. Waveform data can be stored in text and binary at the same time

USB memory device

Remote control tool (free)

When a USB memory device cannot be used for security reasons, the remote control tool installed on the PC provides a solution.

Remote control tool (free)

Ethernet standard equipment (rear of main unit)

Ethernet interface

Function Introduction


The number of points is variable. It can be set according to the sweep speed and resolution. The sweep direction can be changed depending on the application. In addition, since the custom sweep can sweep only the necessary part, it achieves high-speed high-resolution measurement, especially when automatic measurement is performed.

Vth/hFE automatic search function (option CS-800)

Traditionally, this measurement requires complicated operations, but with this product it can be automatically measured based on the setting conditions.

Limit/Sweep function (option CS-800)

This function applies the limit of normal SWEEP measurement by current and voltage. It can be used to limit current and voltage values applied to the device under measurement for protection, as well as for stopping SWEEP at desired values.

Screen image

Pursuit of ease of use Basic operation uses independent knobs

Operation Panel Description
Product name Order number Measurement items

Semiconductor Curve Tracer
CS-3100 CS-3300
Semiconductor Curve Tracer
CS-3200 / 3300
CS-3100 Not equipped with large current mode
CS-3200 Maximum peak voltage:3000V(High voltage mode)
 Maximum peak current:1000A(CS-3300 large current mode)
Semiconductor Curve Tracer
CS-5000 Series
CS-5100 Not equipped with large current mode
CS-5200 Maximum peak voltage: 5000V (high voltage mode)
Maximum peak current: 1500A (CS-5400 high current mode)
Semiconductor Curve Tracer
“Power Curve Tracer”
Made-to-order product
CS-10400 Maximum peak voltage: 15kV (high voltage mode)
Maximum peak current: 8000A (CS-10800/12800/15800 high current mode)