Q. Are the channels isolated?
A. No.
Q. Can I use any USB memory device?
A. The device can recognize those formatted in FAT or FAT32. NTFS format is not recognized. However, if the capacity is large, it will take time to recognize, so we recommend that you use a USB memory device of less than 8GB.
Q. I want to see the waveform (binary) files saved in the USB memory device on my PC.
A. When you install Iwatsu Test Instruments Tools from the download page, IWATSU Scope Viewer is installed and you can view waveform (binary) files with this software.
Q. I cannot select the print destination for the printer in the print menu.
A. Press the UTILITIES key → "Remote" → Turn "Interface" OFF.
Q. On the replay screen, I want to show the time it took to trigger.
A. Press the UTILITIES key → System settings → Date and time → Display to the Trigger time (for DS-5300) and the Waveform acquisition time (for DS-5500), and then import the waveform.
Q. I want to use the virtual COM port remotely, but please tell me the communication settings on the application software side.
A. Baud rate:19200
Bit length:8
Stop bit length:1
Parity Yes/No:None
Hardware handshake Yes/No:None
Q. Where is the USB driver?
A. The USB driver is also installed by installing the Iwatsu Test Instruments Tools from the download page.
Q. Please tell me the remote command of the automatic measurement item Skew @ Level.
A.With the MSEL command, select the automatic measurement item DELTA. Use the TPRM command to set the measurement conditions.