IWATSU creates solutions for the next generation based on themes that are ahead of the times and our original technology.

The devices used by businesses are evolving at a speed far faster than we can imagine. At IWATSU, we accurately identify market trends and customer needs, while leveraging our consistently cutting-edge and highly original technology to create solutions for the next generation.

List of research and development fields

Test and Measurement Equipment

Contribution to Particle Physics

At the “Super-Kamiokande,” the largest underground neutrino observation facility in the world, IWATSU is responsible for the development to manufacturing of electronic circuits to accurately measure the strength of light and the time it occurs. We supplied electronic circuits that offered significant performance improvements over existing circuits. Between 2008 and today, our circuits have continuously processed signals from 11,200-channel photomultiplier tubes, winning us significant praise for the performance and reliability of these circuits. In this way, we are supporting research into neutrinos.

Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, the University of Tokyo
Kamioka Observatory

Power Electronics / Contribution to the Realization of an Energy-Conserving Society

Inverters, which convert direct current (DC) power into alternating current (AC) power, are a representative example of power electronics technology, and there is significant anticipation of the role this technology will play in the realization of an energy-conserving society.
Our Semiconductor Curve Tracers have won significant praise as the optimal products for measuring the characteristics of SiC, GaN, etc., which are next-generation power devices used in inverters and other equipment.
In the area of switching operating verification for inverters and other forms of electric power conversion circuits, we have attracted great interest from researchers and developers for our isolation systems and isolation probes, which enable floating measurements of high-voltage signals, and our Rogowski coil current probes, which facilitate switching current measurements.
In relation to power transformers used in energy-conserving devices for power electronics and magnetic materials used in high-efficiency motors to contribute to energy conservation, etc., we have continued developing our B-H Analyzers as a product capable of accurately measuring magnetic characteristics across a broad frequency range.
IWATSU supports measurements and assessments for materials, components, and products in the power electronics field, thus making a major contribution to the realization of an energy-conserving society.

Signal Measurement / Focus on Analog Technologies

Since we first began developing analog oscilloscopes, IWATSU has maintained a firm commitment to working faithfully with original signals in our test and measurement technology.
Based on this conviction, we developed our DS-8000 series digital oscilloscopes (maximum frequency bandwidth of 1GHz, 12-bit high-resolution, and up to eight input channels) with the aim of accurately assessing and measuring original signals. These products are used in wide range of electric measuring fields, particularly in relation to power electronics.

Basic Measurement Devices / Targeting Ease of Use and High Performance

Basic measurement devices refer to measurement devices with an extremely broad range of applications, including “visually observing,” “numerically observing,” “counting,” and “generating” electric signals. Measurement devices that achieve these goals encompass oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, universal counters, and signal generators.
At IWATSU, we have satisfied a broad range of needs of many users, including companies and educational institutions, while developing, producing, and selling basic measurement devices with a focus on performance and quality. Going forward, we will continue exerting every effort to contribute to the development of industry and education.