Function Generator FAQ

SG-4262 / SG-4222

Q. I want to output DC.
A. Select DC with an arbitrary waveform.
Q. I want to output with the power switch.
A. Thiis is not possible.
Q. I want to set the amplitude in Vrms.
A. Press the number key in the Amplitude setting to display the units in the menu.
Q. I want to set the amplitude in dBm, but it is grayed out.
A. Press the Utility key to load the→ "Channel Settings"→ "Output Settings" "Imped".
Q. Does the voltage change continuously?
A. The attenuator switches between 6Vp-p, 2Vp-p, 590mVp-p, 180mVp-p, 54mVp-p, 16.5mVp-p, and 5.0mVp-p. (When High-Z)
Q. If I hold the range, will the attenuator no longer be switched?
A. Yes, but the voltage setting range will be fixed.
Q. I want to output CH1 and CH2 simultaneously with the external trigger signal.
A. Branch the trigger signal and enter it into the external trigger terminals of CH1 and CH2.
Q. What is the time difference between CH1 and CH2?
A. Approx. 10ns.
Q. What is the meaning of the composite ratio of the waveform addition function?
A. It is the setting for the ratio of the amplitude of the added waveform to the amplitude of the current waveform.
Q. Can CH1 and CH2 waveforms be added?
A. Thiis is not possible. In waveform synthesis, there is a CH2 waveform in the synthesis source, but it is the type of waveform selected in CH2.
Q. What is the meaning of the trigger sensitivity of the frequency counter?
A. It is the hysteresis voltage. 0% is approx. 140mV, 100% is approx. 2mV.
Q. When I transfer arbitrary waveform data, the image of the waveform becomes dotted.
A. The device is designed so that the waveform becomes a dotted line when it is greater than 8,192 points.
Q. Can I output other than 8,192 points of an arbitrary waveform in frequency mode?
A. If it is less than 8,192 points, the lower part is output to the low level (if the previous data is not left), and the higher part is output up to 8,192 points.
Q. is displayed even though I set the IP address manually.
A. The IP address is not displayed when the network is disconnected.
Q. There is no VISA test panel in NI-MAX.
A. The NI-VISA driver on the attached CD is for the runtime version.
Q. It takes time to plug in and recognize a USB memory device.
A. If the number of files is high, it will take time.
Q. When I insert the USB memory device, the D drive does not display.
A. It may take time to display depending on the USB memory device.
Q. I set the 10MHz clock externally, but when I turn it back on, it becomes internal.
A. Enter the 10MHz clock and turn it on.
Q. I have synchronized by inputting the same 10MHz clock to multiple units, but I want to match the phase.
A. Phase cannot be matched.
Q. I have set multiple devices in burst mode and input external triggers at the same time, but there is a time difference between the devices.
A. This is due to the specifications of the trigger delay <300ns.
Q. I set an IP address and powered the device back on, but the IP address changes.
A. Change the power on setting of the utility system from default to last.
Q. What is the input circuit on the back when it is set to an external trigger or an external gate?
A. Pulled up to power +3.3V with 10kΩ resistance.
Q. The rise of square waves and pulse waves at low frequencies (from about 0.1Hz) forms a staircase.
A. It is designed to be a staircase.
Q. When I set the phase of the square wave to 0° in burst mode and the idle level to TOP, spikes appear before the burst.
A. The address number 0 of the square wave is the specification for low level.