Digital Multimeter FAQ
VOAC7523 /7522 /7520 /7521A /7523H /7522H /7520H /7521H

Q. I set the communication condition, but remote operation does not function.
A. Check that the Remote I/F in the system settings is set to None. If it is set to None, select the interface that you want to use.
Q. The indication disappears after a while.
A. The device is in power saving mode. To cancel the power saving mode, set the system setting LOW-POWER to OFF. You can set the time until the indication disappears between 10 minutes and 60 minutes in 10-minute increments in the system menu.
Q. The temperature measurement error is large immediately after thermocouple mounting.
A. Make sure that the terminals and ventilation holes are not exposed to wind, and warm up for at least one hour until the temperature of the equipment stabilizes.
Q. I want the AC voltage to be displayed as a peak value.
A. In the case of a sine wave, the scaling operation (X-A) × B/C is displayed as A = 0, B = 2.82, C = 1.
Q. I want to hold the peak value.
A. With statistical operation (MAX/MIN), when the device is set to continuous (CONT) mode, peak hold of the maximum and minimum values can be performed.
Q. Please tell me how to zero the resistance measurement.
A. Short the test lead and press the REL button. When the display reaches 0 with the LED of the REL button lit, measurement can be started.
Q. How do I read accuracy 0.025+10?
A. 0.025% of reading + minimum resolution x10 count
Q. What is the trigger input circuit for the digital I/O module SC-352?
A. Pulled up to +5V with 10kΩ resistance, connected to buffer IC input.
Q. Are CH-A and CH-B isolated?
A. Yes. There is an input impedance between CH-B: H and CH-A: L, CH-B: L and CH-A: L of 5MΩ.
Q. I am measuring the resistance of a coil, but the value is wrong.
A. Oscillation may occur if the measured circuit has a capacitance component. Check whether the circuit is oscillating with an oscilloscope. If a capacitor of the appropriate capacitance is inserted in parallel to the input, the resonance point will be shifted and the oscillation will stop, so it may be possible to measure normally.
Q. What is the integration time?
A. For SLOW, MID, 20ms in the 50Hz area, 16.6ms in the 60Hz area.
Q. Can the DC voltage measurement (DCV) function measure the average pulse voltage?
A. No, because the DCV function is designed for measuring DC voltages.