Item Product name Model number Remarks
Main unitSemiconductor Curve Tracer CS-3100 3kV
CS-3200 3kV, 400A
CS-3300 3kV, 1,000A
CS-5100 5kV
CS-5200 5kV, 400A
CS-5300 5kV, 1,000A
CS-5400 5kV, 1,500A
CS-10400 10kV, 4,000A(Made-to-order product)
CS-10800 10kV, 8,000A(Made-to-order product)
CS-12800 12kV, 8,000A(Made-to-order product)
CS-15800 15kV, 8,000A(Made-to-order product)
Test fixture S CS-301 (Standard with CS-3100)
Test fixture M CS-302 Standard with CS-3200/3300
Standard with CS-5100/5200/5300
CS-304 (Standard with CS-5400)
Test fixture L CS-305 Signal light, thermo switch, cooling fan,
equipped with LED light, interlock
CS-307 For CS-3000/CS-5100/5200/5300
CS-307H For CS-5400 Series
Setup controller IE-1310 An external panel that allows you to save and read setups with one touch
Hot plate PA3020 Maximum temperature: 300ºC, 200×200 (mm)
PA3040 Maximum temperature: 300ºC, 200×400 (mm)
PA4030 Maximum temperature: 400ºC, 300×200 (mm)
Prober cable CS-306-3k For CS-3000 Series
CS-306-5k CS-5100/5200/5300
CS-308 For CS-5400 Series
Crocodile clip Small crocodile clip red set of 10 CS-001  
Small crocodile clip black set of 10 CS-002  
Measurement cable High voltage wire red set of 5 CS-003 Banana, 5kV, 30cm
Wire black set of 5 CS-004 Banana, 30cm
Standard lead set CS-005 Standard accessories for each main unit (excluding CS-3100)
Banana cable 30cm (2 red for HV, 2 green, 2 black, 1 yellow),
crocodile clip (2 red, 2 green, 2 black, 1 yellow)
Cable for high current CS-006 20cm, 2pcs set standard with CS-5400
Cable for high current CS-007 30cm, 2pcs set standard with CS-10400/10800
Software Semiconductor parameter search CS-800 Incorporated and used in the main unit
Double sweep CS-801 Incorporated and used in the main unit
Semiconductor parameter measurement CS-810
Adapter for thermal streamer CS-521 Dedicated adapter for thermal streamer test fixture CS-310
CS-522 TO-263-3/D2PAK (heat-resistant version of CS-503), under development
CS-523 For TO252-3 (heat-resistant version of CS-504), under development
Test adapter CS-500 1 pc standard accessory with the main unit
TO type test adapter CS-501A  
AXIAL type adapter CS-502 AXIAL type
TO-263-3 (D2PAK) type adapter CS-503 TO-263-3 / D2PAK
TO-252-3 type adapter CS-504  
TO-263-7 type adapter CS-505  
TO-252-5 type adapter CS-506  
C-70-3 (SOT-323-3) type adapter CS-507  
SMD chip type adapter CS-508  
SC-59A type adapter CS-509  
SC-62 type adapter CS-510  
Switch control module CS-701 Overall control of each unit
LV relay unit CS-702 300V/30A 10CH
HV unit relay unit CS-703 5kV/3A 10CH
HC relay unit CS-704 2kV/1,000A 10CH
HV-HC switch unit CS-705 Extension unit with 5kV/1,000A HV/HC switching function
Extension unit CS-706 5kV/15A
Gate/short unit CS-707 Curve tracer side: 300V/8A Device side: 5kV/8A 10CH
HV-HC relay unit 2CH CS-708 5kV/1,500A 2CH
HV-HC relay unit 4CH CS-709 5kV/1,500A 4CH
HV-HC switch unit CS-710 Extension unit with 5kV/1,500A HV/HC switching function
(For CS-5400)
Control cable Connect CS-701 to each unit (CS-707 requires 2 units)
Low voltage wiring cable  
High voltage wiring cable  
High current wiring cable  
High temperature wiring cable    
Trolley for measurement equipment MT-600L Maximum loading weight:100kg