Accurately measure the AC magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials up to high frequencies

This device measures the AC magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials. It is ideal for new product development and product inspection in R&D departments, quality assurance departments, and manufacturing departments of material, core, parts, and equipment manufacturers. In addition to the BH/Pc measurement function, m/L/Q can be measured.

  • Measurement frequency: 10Hz to 10MHz (SY-8218), 10Hz to 1MHz (SY-8219)
  • Applied waveform: Sine wave, square wave (10Hz - 1MHz)
  • Maximum input current: ±6A
  • Maximum input voltage: ±200V
  • Excitation method: Automatic excitation
(Maximum magnetic field, maximum magnetic flux density, maximum excitation current, maximum induced voltage specification) De-magnetization by multiplying the damping alternating magnetic field so as not to leave residual magnetization


Measurement method CROSS-POWER method
Measurement items Maximum magnetic flux density (Bm), residual magnetic flux density (Br), maximum magnetic field (Hm), coersive force (Hc), square ratio (Br/Bm), amplitude ratio magnetic permeability (μa), core loss (Pc, Pcv, Pcm), phase angle (θ), total magnetic flux change (2Φm), maximum induction voltage (V2m), maximum excitation current (I1m), apparent power (VA) impedance magnetic permeability (μZ), complex magnetic permeability (μ', μ''), loss coefficient (tan δ), inductance (L), resistance (R), impedance (Z) mass coefficient (Q), total harmonic distortion (THD)
Measured waveformB-H curve, excitation current/induced voltage/magnetic field/magnetic flux density waveform
Measurement frequency Sine wave 10Hz~10MHz(SY-8218)
Square wave 10Hz~1MHz(Duty50)
Magnetic field signal detection Voltage drop method of both ends of the non-inductive resistor Maximum allowable current ±6A
Magnetic flux dense signal detection Induction voltage detection coil voltage detection method at both ends
Maximum allowable voltage ±200V
Digitizer Resolution 16 bits (8192 points/cycle)
Sample connection method 2 winding method or 1 winding method
Display mode 8.4-inch TFT-LCD SVGA 800 x 600 pixels
Power supply 100V to 240V 50/60Hz power consumption approx. 130VA (MAX)
Dimensions (mm), mass 420W × 266H × 480D (excluding protrusions), approx. 12.5kg
External memory USB (data storage)
Accessories POD cover, AC couple module, power amplifier cable (BNC-BNC), OSC cable (BNC-SMA), power cord, user's guide, instruction manual (CD)