Digital Oscilloscope "ViewGo II" DS-5400A Series

Beautiful waveforms, analog finish
Made in Japan at affordable prices
  • Bandwidth100, 200MHz
  • 2GS/s 4/2 Channel 500k points
  • 500k points

Added functionality from the DS-5400

  • 2GS/s sampling on all models
  • Supports PNG transparency attributes for hard copy output
  • Supports averaging effective count display
Digital Oscilloscope DS-5400 Series

DS-5400A Series Function Introduction

2GS/s compatible with 100MHz devices

Compatible with all models 2GS/s. The maximum sampling speed can be increased from 1GS/s to 2Gs/s by 2-channel coupling.

The PNG format of the image data storage format is compatible with transparent type

Supports the transparent attributes of PNG, you can superimpose waveforms when creating documents.

PNG transparency attribute

Full cycle parameter measurement*

Automatically measures the waveform of the captured full cycle (time axis). A large amount of data can be captured in the long memory to determine the maximum and minimum variation widths. You can also analyze the interval that is pinched by the cursor. It can be used for measuring the smoothness of the rotation of a motor, the timing error of a mechatronics device, the fluctuation due to the load of a rotating device, the rotation fluctuation of a rotary encoder, etc.
* The waveform parameter of the vertical axis (voltage axis) displays the measured value once per sweep.

Introduction to Functions

Probe selection function

When you select a model of an IWATSU ELECTRIC probe, the attenuation ratio and coupling are set automatically. The model number, vertical range bandwidth, and input coupling are displayed.

Introduction to Functions

CH-to-CH skew adjustment function

The skew can be adjusted up to 500ns*.
For example, the phase adjustment between the current probe and the voltage probe allows for more accurate power waveform operations.
*When the horizontal axis is set to skew priority (there is a limit to the number of waveforms in the replay function).

Introduction to Functions

Clear sweep function>

You can reset the measured data such as replay waveform, averaging, persistence, automatic measurement of waveform parameters, pass/fail judgment, and logging.