Digital Oscilloscope "ViewGo II" DS-5600A Series

Extended basic functionality,
making it easier to use
  • Bandwidth100~500MHz
  • 2 GS/s 4/2 Channels Max
  • Up to 5M points
DS-5600 Series
DS-5600A Series New Functions

DS-5600A Series All models 50 Ohm input compatible

Supports a wide variety of probes.

Input BNC part

AUX OUT output terminal is equipped as standard.

In addition to the effective trigger signal output, the Pass/Fail determination function can output when the result becomes a Pass or Fail.


High Resolution

When measured at a sampling speed lower than the highest sampling speed, the data captured in the highest sampling can be averaged to capture waveforms, reduce random noise and increase vertical axis resolution to up to 12 bits equivalent equally.
* It can also be used with single-shot signals that are not repeating signals.

High Resolution

High Resolution

Displays the current vertical resolution during the high-resolution operation process.

High Resolution

Expanded average count

The average setting count was expanded from 256 times to 65536 times (maximum). This can effectively reduce non-periodic random signals from repeated measured signals.

  • When the amplitude ratio between the signal (triangular wave: 50Hz) and the noise (random) is 1:1,
  • the example on the right is when measured at a sampling speed of 200kS/s and a memory length of 10k points.

Averaging OFF

Averaging ON

Displays the number of processes during the averaging operation.

Averaging count display

Auto setup disable toggle function

Prevents the panel settings from being updated, even if the AUTO SET button is pressed by mistake.