Digital Multimeters VOAC7523H/7522H/7520H/7521H

The VOAC7523H/7520H can measure two DC voltages in a single unit by means of 2-channel DC measurement inputs and dual display, contributing to space saving and reduced measurement man-hours.
The VOAC 7522H/7521H has only one input channel, but the dual display allows you to measure voltage and current, or voltage and frequency, in a single unit.
The VOAC7523H/7522H achieves a high resolution of 0.1µV DC voltage measurement and a wide bandwidth of up to 300kHz AC voltage measurement.


Display digits 5.5-digit

Isolated 2-channel input and dual display are possible. (VOAC7523H/7520H only)

A 2-channel DC measurement input is provided.
Since the two channels are isolated, it is easy to compare the voltages of different circuits and measure the potential difference of different components within the same circuit. This makes it possible to measure the DC voltage of two units in one unit, contributing to space saving and reduction of measurement man-hours.
In addition, the machine is equipped with a dual display function that also displays measurements for different functions.
For example, when measuring different functions with a conventional single-display multimeter, it was necessary to replace the input cable or switch functions, but the VOAC 7523H/7520H can measure with one unit.

Dual display is possible.

Previously, different measurements had to be made by disconnecting the input cable and switching functions. The VOAC752xH Series can perform multiple measurements in a single unit, which previously required multiple units, making the measurement work much more efficient.
For example, if you want to measure power consumption (apparent power VA), you can measure power in real time by measuring and calculating the voltage and current in a single unit.

Three types of interfaces are available.

The standard interface is RS-232. You can select LAN (Ethernet 10BASE-T) or GP-IB optionally.

Long interval measurement up to 3000 hours

The interval measurement, which can be configured from 10ms to 3600s, and the data storage function with up to 3000 timestamps can be used to measure from 30s to 3000 hours.

True RMS value measurement

All Series can measure true RMS value AC voltage and AC current.

Various operation functions

You can perform decibel operations (dBm, dBµ), scaling operations (SCLE), moving averages (AVG), differential operations (REL), statistical operations (MAX, MIN, X, σ), comparison operations (COMP), and arithmetic operations between dual functions.

Digital input output (DIO) output convenient for production lines (option)

By combining the trigger output and open collector output with a five-step pass/fail judgment level, it is now even easier to use the device in production lines.

Introducing the benefits of the VOAC752xH Series Digital Multimeter from
IWATSU, the company that knows various work sites

By combining the trigger output and open collector output with a five-step pass/fail judgment level, it is now even easier to use the device in production lines.

1. DA output SC-354 capable of outputting measured values at DC voltage

Made by IWATSU MEASUREMENT, the company that knows that there are still many users who need analog measurement outputs.

 Figure (input and output)

2. Digital I/O interface SC-352 that can be embedded in the line as it is

In addition to the comparator output for GO/NOGO judgment, it also has an external trigger input. In addition, the output is an open collector, so you can connect directly to a lamp, relay, or buzzer. It saves a lot of effort when building a line. The output terminal is a widely used terminal block.

 Example of sequence control using VOAC7521AD

3. Best-in-class rich interface

  • Best-in-class rich interface
  • GPIB interface
  • RS-232 interface (standard)
Sample Software Screen

4. Full-scale temperature measurement

The device offers an extraordinary degree of rich features.

  • Sheath type thermocouple SC-0107H:-40℃~+650℃
  • Stationary surface type thermocouple SC-0116:0℃~+500℃

In addition, all general-purpose thermocouples such as R, K(KA), T(CC), J(IC), and E(CRC) can be used.

SC-0107H, SC-0116

5. Frequency measurement

Maximum 1.00000MHz high frequency measurement.

6. Only model in class with 4-terminal resistance measurement(VOAC7522H/VOAC7521H)

You can measure low resistance without worrying about the contact resistance of the test lead or lead at all. This is a conscientious function that you will understand when you use it.

7. Isolated 2-channel input(VOAC7523H/VOAC7520H)

The VOAC7523H/VOAC7520H, where the CH-A and CH-B inputs are insulated, can measure the potentials of different circuits at once.