Philosophy on the Protection of Personal Information

As information technology has progressed, the appropriate management of the use of personal information and its protection have become very important for society. The Company recognizes that the protection of personal information is an important fundamental aspect of our business activities, and is also an important social responsibility. Accordingly, the Company has set forth the following Personal Information Protection Policy, which it implements and maintains.

Personal Information Protection Policy

  1. Basic policy
    The Company shall comply with laws and regulations, guidelines set forth by the government of Japan, and other standards related to the handling of personal information. In addition, the Company shall create management systems in order to protect personal information, and it shall appropriately operate these systems, and make revisions and improvements to them on an ongoing basis.
  2. Collection and use of personal information
    1) The Company shall acquire personal information via legal and fair means, within the scope required for operational purposes. When acquiring personal information, the Company shall clearly state the purpose of the use of that information and a contact point for inquiries.
    2) The Company shall not use personal information or provide it to third parties outside of the scope for which consent was obtained when the information was acquired, excluding cases based on laws and regulations.
  3. Management of personal information
    1) The Company shall establish management systems related to the protection of personal information, and shall endeavor to ensure widespread awareness and thorough compliance with regulations among officers and employees.
    2) The Company shall put reasonable security measures in place for personal information that it holds, and it shall work to prevent and rectify the leakage, loss, corruption, etc., of personal information on an ongoing basis.
    3) When entrusting operations that involve handling personal information to other companies, the Company shall enter into appropriate contracts with and provide instructions and management to the parties to whom it entrusts these operations, to ensure that personal information is used, provided to third parties, and securely managed based on the approval obtained when acquiring personal information.
    4) When handling anonymized information, the Company shall comply with laws and regulations, guidelines set forth by the government of Japan, and other standards related to the handling of personal information, and shall manage this information appropriately, in addition to securely managing it and responding to inquiries in a manner equivalent to personal information.
  4. Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information
    When the Company receives complaints or requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, etc., related to personal information that it holds, from the person who is the subject of that information, it shall promptly and sincerely respond to the complaint or request, to a reasonable extent, after appropriately confirming the identify of the subject.
  5. Revisions to the Personal Information Protection Policy
    This Policy shall be revised as appropriate and improved as necessary. In the event of changes, the details thereof shall be publicly announced by a reasonable method.

Enacted: March 1, 2009, Amended: June 24, 2022
President & Chief Executive Officer
Shogo Kimura


Please submit complaints or inquiries related to the Company’s handling of personal information to the following contact point.

“Personal Information Consultation Desk (General Affairs & Human Resources Dept., Management Division)” IWATSU ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
Tel.: +81-3-5370-5111 (9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., excluding national holidays in Japan and non-working days of the Company)

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