Remote Control Software SY-810

Automatic measurement while changing the excitation conditions, such as the characteristics for the frequency.
Remote Control Software SY-810
  • Per sample, the temperature conditions are up to 20, and the excitation conditions are up to 40 Programmable measurement conditions are a total of 800 (= temperature conditions 20 x excitation conditions 40)
  • Pulse excitation of the B-H analyzer is also remotely controlled
  • Automatic saving of B-H analyzer measurement waveform data (CSV) and hard copies of screens (JPEG, PNG)

[Product Composition]

  • CD (including instruction manual PDF file), GPIB converter, bulk head adapter, software license agreement

[Operating Environment]

  • OS:Windows Vista(SP2)/ 7(32bit, 64bit)/ 8(32bit/64bit)
  • Other:.NET Framework (included), CPU Pentium 133M or higher, Memory 64Mbyte or higher, Display resolution 1024×768 or higher, USB port

 * Please prepare your own PC.
 * A separate NI GPIB-USB-HS+ manufactured by NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS is required to connect to the PC.
 * Compatible B-H analyzer:SY-8218 / SY-8219

Continuous measurement function SY-811

Observe the change over time of various measurement items while performing continuous measurements

  • The measurement time is up to 99,999 minutes (about 70 days), measured at approx. 60 second intervals
  • Observe the change over time of two measurement items at the same time with the elapsed time graph
  • You can change the measurement items during the measurement
  • Different measurement results can be compared and measured with reference display
  • Measurement data is saved in CSV and a hard copy of the screen is saved in JPG/PNG
Continuous measurement function SY-811 screen display

 * An option to add to the B-H analyzer (SY-8218/8219).
 * If it is added after delivery, we will pick up the main unit and perform the work at our factory.